The introduction of Evergrand's PET recycling machine
The introduction of Evergrand's PET recycling machine
New type High output plastic bottle recycling machine / PET bottle recycling line / plastic bottle washing line with low power consumption

This PET bottle scrap washing line mainly used for dealing with waste PET bottle, HDPE Bottle, LUMP, PP barrel etc.

To separate PET bottles to flakes from PE/ PP label, cap, oil, garbage, protect the environment, avoid white pollution.

This PET bottle washing machine is composed of separator, crusher, cold & hot washing system, dewatering, drying, packing system, etc.

This PET bottle flakes crushing, recycling and washing production line can easily wash and recycle waste PET bottle flakes. Waste and dirty PET bottle flakes can be treated step by step by this facility. It is special for washing PET bottles flakes. We can help to attach equipment at the end of the washing line so that the completely dry flakes can be collected and packed directly after be washed.

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