Advantages of Evergrand's plastic pelletizing machine
Advantages of Evergrand's plastic pelletizing machine
Advantages of this plastic pelletizing machine:
PE/PP recycling granulating machine is special equipment for the PE PP film recycling granulating, it equipped with comacting machine which cound pre- compact the film into smaller granules, then easily feed into screw barrel of extruder, its efficiency is high and can improve production capacity and save labour cost.

It has two vacuum exhuasting mouth on extruder barrel which can fully vent the moisture in the material and hence the final granule quality will be very perfect.

At the end of screw barrel, it equipped with double post fast speed hydraulic non -stop screen changer which can effetively filt out the dirty in the plastic melt.

The pelletizing adopts water flush pelletizing which is easier to operate, and the shape and appearance of granule is good.
ModelScrew Diameter          (mm)    Rotary Speed
    Main motor power 
Compacting machine power(kw)Output (kg/h)

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